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Having chosen your EZ Fence2Go solution, series, and color options, you are ready to select your type of fence, create a shopping list of materials and draft your task list.

Professional installation assistance from Dennisville Fence, South Jersey’s premier fence contractor for material supply and installation, is only a phone call away!

EZ Fence2Go – Measure

Measure the perimeter of your yard, but first:

  • Confirm your property line. In order to get accurate measurements, you need to know exactly where your property line is.
  • Locate underground utilities. Underground utility lines will affect where your fence posts can be placed.
  • Research local zoning codes and restrictions. Some cities and neighborhoods have restrictions on fencing.
  • Check for obstructions.
  • Check where frost line is.
  • Mark and measure your yard. (utilize the grid found on page 10 of the EZ Fence2Go Brochure)

Note: Where there are sections of yard less than 8 feet in length, panels can be cut down

EZ Fence2Go Diagram 01 image
  • Place a stake in each corner of your yard and every 8 feet, as that is where the posts will go.
  • Add up all of your measurements and divide by 6 or 8, depending on the fence series/fence width you chose.
  • Think about where you would place your gates if you are going to have any.

EZ Fence2Go – Diagram

EZ Fence2Go Diagram 02 image
  • To determine the number of “End Posts” you will need, count the total number of corners and ends of your yard. (If your fence will stop at a gate, a tree, or your house…that is and end post.)
  • To determine the number of “Line Posts” you will need, count the total number of stakes that you will put in the ground every 6 or 8 feet.  Be sure to modify your calculations if the length  of your fence panels will not be 8ft. sections.
  • Count the number of gates and note the size.
  • Count the number of sections (are section lengths 6 or 8 feet wide?)
  • Don’t forget post tops and gate latches/hardware.